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ShadeportsAwnmaster’s Shadeport Division offers a wide range of versatile, functional, aesthetic and cost effective solutions to protect you and your assets from harsh ultra violet rays.

Shadeports are extremely adaptable and include a number of applications – carports, awnings, walkways, recreations covers, sandpit covers, screens and filtration. They are made for commercial and domestic use. A fully waterproof net is also available.

Not only do shadeports protect your vehicle and other assets, they also provide a level of comfort after these have been exposed to direct sunlight. The UV Ultrablock shadecloth offers up to 96% shade and, being similarly waterproof, offers partial dryness in light rain and full protection against hail.

Awnmaster’s shadeport designs have been internationally accepted and are currently being exported. Due to its modular design, the packaging and assembling thereof is done with relative ease.

Shadeport: Specifications

Endorsed by the Cancer Association, both our suppliers of shade netting, Alnet and Knittex, carry the SABS 1703 stamp of approval. The recommended UV Ultrablock fabrics, made from high density Ultra Violet Polyethylene fabric, blocks out up 96% of ultra violet rays. They provide maximum protection against skin cancer and sun and hail damage to vehicles.

All Awnmaster double stitching is carried out with SABS approved 400Denier monofilament thread which has proved to be more superior to any other thread previously used. This high density polyethylene monofilament is virtually immune against acids, seawater, ultra violet rays, fungus, bacteria and fertilizers.

Our structures are designed by structural engineers to cater for most climatic conditions. We recommend however, that extra design details are scrutinized by the engineers to ensure that structural designs are suited to the local climatic conditions.

POST 76mm x 2mm (89mm x 3mm – high wind areas) or 50mm x 2mm (Natal only)
PITCH PURLINS 50mm x 2mm
  All sections, pipes, bolts and sleeves are hot dipped galvanized prior to installation
FOUNDATION 500mm x 500mm x 600mm and 1m3 for cantilever design (maximum spec)
BONNET AND SIDESCREEN High density polyethylene shadecloth – no rotting
  (guaranteed by manufactures for eight years)
  - UV stabilized
  - UV protection from 0 – 96%
  - Water resistant from 0 -100%
  - Available in a wide range of colours

Note: Sizes averaged, subject to design.

Shadeport: Colours


UV Ultrablock True Blue
With 86% Shade Cover & 98% UV Blockout
 UV Ultrablock True Blue
UV Ultrablock Terracotta
With 88% Shade Cover & 98% UV Blockout
 UV Ultrablock Terracotta
UV Ultrablock Plain Silver
With 91% Shade Cover & 98% UV Blockout
 UV Ultrablock Plain Silver
UV Ultrablock Bottle Green
With 83% Shade Cover & 99% UV Blockout
 UV Ultrablock Bottle Green
UV Ultrablock Forest Green
With 90% Shade Cover & 98% UV Blockout
 UV Ultrablock Forest Green



See below for a small sample of some of the Shadeports we have built and installed.

Click to view larger image.

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King Shaka Airport   King Shaka Airport   King Shaka Airport
Conventional Shadeports   Cantilever Shadeports   Custom Shadeports
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Conventional Shadeports 3   Cantilever Shadeports 3   Custom Shadeports 3
Conventional Shadeports 4   Cantilever Shadeports 4   Custom Shadeports 4
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