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5 Reasons to Invest in Window Awnings

Residential Window Awning

Window Awnings, although seemingly old-fashioned, make a great architectural addition to your home and can enhance the architectural beauty of it, all the while protecting it – and your interior – from rain, sunshine or harsh weather. This already highlights the many uses and benefits of a Window Awning, making them a fantastic investment for… Read more »

Surprising Uses For Shadeports


Awnings, as we know, have a number of uses and a number of benefits which we’ve seen discussed all too often. This time around we thought we would investigate some more uncommon or surprising uses for Shadeports that are spoken about less often.

Autumn Awning Care

Residential Awning

Awnings, although often forgotten about, are an important investment that you have made as an addition to your home or possibly your business premises which is why it is imperative to make sure that they are properly taken care of all year round!

5 Common Maintenance Issues And How To Prevent/Maintain Them

Masterport Installation At A Residential Property

As with many things in life, problems arise, even with Awnings. With these issues come expenses – sometimes unnecessary – and un-called for stress which is why we thought we’d share some important issues to keep an eye out for (in no particular order) and tips on how to prevent common maintenance issues from damaging… Read more »

Save Costs This Summer With An Awning!

Residential Awning Installed In A Garden

Summer, a hike in temperature that generally brings a hike in expenses. Keeping cool during summer can sometimes cost an arm and a leg. We generally make a dash for the store to grab portable fans, ceiling fans, air-conditioners and all sorts to try counteract those long hot summer days.

Preparing Your Awnings For Spring And Summer!

Awning Covering An Entertainment Area

The way we see it, having an Awning comes with some responsibility, but they are well worth it at the end of the day what with all the extra space they create. With the right care and maintenance your awnings will be providing you with a great entertainment area come summertime.

Why Your Patio Needs An Awning!

Awnmaster Outdoor Ceiling Structure

Considering installing an Awning above your patio? We think that is a great idea!

The Most Common Issues With Awnings And How To Fix Them

Architectural Awning

Are you having a few issues with your awnings and aren’t sure how to fix them? If so, you’ve come to the right place…

The Benefits of Sun-adjustable Awnings

Sun-adjustable Awnings

Sun-adjustable awnings are a very popular feature of modern homes. They are not only beneficial to your health but they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. If you’are looking to create a comfortable and practical outdoor area that you can enjoy all year round, a sun-adjustable awning is the perfect solution –… Read more »

How Awnings Can Help Create A New Look For Your Property

Modern Ceiling Structure By The Beach

If you’re trying to give your property a bit of a face lift without spending a fortune on renovations then it’s time for you to consider adding an Awning to your property.