Aluminium Awnings

Ideal for commercial, industrial, housing and townhouse applications, Awnmaster’s Aluminium – Ventalok awnings are tailor made to your requirements. This all aluminium awning is lightweight and requires very little maintenance. Ventalok’s high strength-to-weight ratio and advanced design features make for simplicity and ease of installation.

The Ventalok awning comes with a ten year paintwork guarantee. The Hylar 5000 PVDF paintwork is also guaranteed for a period of ten years against flaking, blistering, peeling and corroding. We guarantee that the surface coating will not show objectionable colour fading provided an acceptable method of cleaning is used from time to time.

Ventalok is available in a range of sixteen different colours. This means that you can choose from multiples of combinations to suite your requirements, as the colours can interchange in the candy stripe panels. A variety of profiles are available, including the Caribbean (curved), Majorca (wedge) and Capri (angular) as well as other purpose made designs. The unique Ventalok clip-on system causes the awning to ‘breathe’, allowing hot air to escape between the panels whilst drawing in cool air (ventilation) under the awning.

Ventalok Colour Swatches

Ventalock Colours

Filigree: Fascias & Trimmings

Instalace is the quick easy way to install decorative finishes to fascia boards, awnings, carports and patio covers. Instalace is made from baked enamel aluminium coil which has been pressed to form a ‘frillagee’ pattern. The Hulett Aluminium Hylar 5000 P.V.D.F paintwork is guaranteed for ten years and is available in a variety of different colours. Instalace is sold in coil form in lengths of up to 50m.

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