Awnmaster is the Primary Distributor of the Sun-Adjust range of Aluminium awnings, carports and patios covers. This is the domestic range of products manufactured by Hulett Fabricated Products (Hulafab), South Africa. Following extensive research and development, Hulafab started manufacturing the Sun-Adjust patio cover in 1993. A close working association with Hulafab has enabled Awnmaster to implement their technical knowledge in installations, with Sun-Adjust patio covers achieving high popularity in the marketplace.

The Sun-Adjust patio cover can be opened to allow sunlight to filter onto the patio during the cooler winter months, and can be closed to shade the patio during summer. The angle or opening is adjusted with a handle which, through a gearbox, sets the angle of the panels. This in turn determines the amount of sunlight which comes through.Sun-Adjust is 95% watertight when closed. As the panels are adjustable and are not fixed the Sun-Adjust is not deemed a fixed roof and therefore does not constitute as coverage or F.A.R.

Sun-Adjust Specifications:

The Sun-adjust is typically an all Aluminium and non-corrosive product where the drive units are anodized aluminium with U.V. stabilised nylon finger brackets clipped into the 132Z baked enamel panel. A 1:13 compact and encased gearing unit drives up to 16m2 of covered area.

Sun-Adjustable Awning Specs

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